Buyer Protection Guarantee

We want our buyers to have the confidence when purchasing from us. With the Supreme Deals Buyer Protection Guarantee, you can have that.

How It Works

If you are unhappy about a product you have purchased from us at the Supreme Deals, here’s what you should do:


Let us know

Send us an email within 3 days upon item delivery explaining in detail what you expected and what you received.


Item that may be returned or replaced should be:

  • In new and unused condition
  • Should not exceed the 3-day period from the moment it was delivered

Items will not be accepted
if they:

  • Do not come in its original package.
  • Are used or damaged.
  • Have the wrong specifications in terms of color, size, or model
  • Are incomplete and are missing certain parts or accessories

Get a refund

For those who wish to get a refund, let us know once the item is delivered to us and we will issue you a full refund. 


  • Country:
  • Universal