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Supreme Deals is an ideal medium for merchants to increase their visibility to their target market as well as to widen their brands’ reach to potential customers.

How It Works

There are 41 million Filipinos
on the internet and the
number is rapidly growing

40% Filipinos are
on the Internet

60% Filipinos shop
online for convenience

64% of online shoppers
are female


6.2 hours per day

4 hours per day
on social media

3 hours per day
on mobile devices

Here are some of the advantages our business partners currently enjoy at Supreme Deals:


Target Audience

Through our online marketing program, you will get exposure to customers outside your region and sell to them through our website.


Free Advertisement

Partners who sell with us on Supreme Deals get the advantage of maximized reach through free advertising on Supreme Deals’ various marketing platforms. The products and services get extra mileage from Supreme Deals’ email newsletter subscribers, as well as our followers on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media accounts.


Added Sales

Supreme Deals attract added sales when customers claim their discounted product. For example, when the deal involves redeeming vouchers at a certain restaurant, what usually happens is that customers come with their friends who buy additional items from the menu. Sometimes, customers also opt to buy other products and services offered at the venue.


Expand your reach

If you are opening a new business or you want to re-acquaint an existing brand to a target audience, Supreme Deals can give your company the extra exposure you need at no extra cost. Customers can’t help but share the value of a great deal to their friends and family. This is where Supreme Deals’ partners can get the exposure they need and get guaranteed sales in the process.



Recurrent Sales

Customers who are satisfied with what they bought from Supreme Deals often revisit the site and buy the same deal when the product or service gets relisted on the site. These customers are also open to buying the same product or service and paying full price for it once their product satisfaction is reached.


Surplus of Inventory

Another advantage of partnering with Supreme Deals is that you can sell your excess accommodations and unfilled slots. Instead of not getting any revenue from unsold eat-all-you-can buffet slots, event tickets and hotel room accommodations, why not just sell it with us at a discounted rate and reap not just revenue but marketing benefits from it as well.

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